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Traditional phone solutions will only get you so far…

- Would you like to cut your phone service costs... in half?
- Do you have multiple offices...but separate phone systems at each?
- Do your employees use their expensive cell phones...even when in the office?
- Is your business prepared for a disaster... and will your phones still work?
- Do you need powerful phone features...but worry you cannot afford them?


Be prepared to meet the future

  • MULTIPLE OFFICES BROUGHT TOGETHER IN THE CLOUD  –  Through the power of the Internet, your office, remote employees, and branch offices are connected into a single phone solution. Your employees and customers experience your phone system as a single, integrated whole. Our skills-based call center application automatically sends calls to the most appropriate available person –  even across multiple office locations.
  • NEVER MISS A CALL WITH “FIND ME / FOLLOW ME”  –  Calls to your office extension follow you wherever you like: to phones across multiple locations, to your home or cell phone, even back to your voicemail. It’s flexible and simple to configure.
  • PROJECT PRESENCE ANYWHERE  –  We can provide numbers in any area code that ring anywhere in the country you want to do business. Your customers make a local call to reach you and see your local caller ID when you call them.
  • UNLIMITED EVERYTHING – No limits on voicemail boxes or recording length, auto attendants or conferencing. StarSolution will even “burst” lines so your customers will never get a busy signal.
  • CELL PHONE EXTENSIONS – Publish only one number on your business card. Callers will find you at the office or your cell, and if they leave voicemail, it will appear in your email. Save money and make it easier for customers to reach you.
  • COMPUTER / DESKTOP INTEGRATION  – Our user-friendly software makes it easy to see who is on the phone and transfer calls across offices with a simple drag-and-drop motion.  PC users can see incoming call screen pops and dial contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook. Incoming voicemail can be sent to your email inbox, making it easy to play back, forward, and archive. Your StarStar telephone system even integrates directly with most popular CRM systems.

FEATURING A True Cloud Base Business VoIP PBX


Even if your current phone system is still working … you can upgrade to Ring Central, reduce the cost of your current phone bill and realize positive cash flow from the very first month!  Better yet, by financing the equipment upgrade, you can usually save enough money to pay for your new phone system and the service for less than you are paying for your current phone bill right now … and now is a great time to start saving your hard-earned cash.